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Improving Text Accessibility: Introduction

Improving Text Accessibility

Welcome to the page on how one can improve text accessibility! This page contains much information on tools offered at DMU and an introduction of how to use it. More details can be found below for further reading.

If you have any questions about this tool, please contact DMU Support at

Reasons for Using Text Accessibility Tools

Many reasons exist for using accessibility tools. All students, including those with learning disabilities, those on the go, those who are visually impaired, and those wanting a multi-sensory experience, can use accessibility tools and might find them helpful. It can also improve content understanding and retention as well as improving coursework reading skills. 


Accessibility Technology at Divine Mercy University

DMU has enabled a new tool for students and faculty to use that will provide Text to Speech options for your course. With this tool, you can listen to online lessons, documents, quizzes, discussions, assignments, and more! Features also include enlarging text, changing voices, highlighting, and dictation. Anyone can use the accessibility technology tool at Divine Mercy University, and it has many benefits for all. There are 3 main parts to this tool: 


1. Listen to Text throughout Your Canvas Course

This part is useful for reading Canvas text. 


2. Text to Speech for Embedded Documents in Canvas

This part is useful for reading documents, such as handouts, and articles, in Canvas. 


3. Text to speech for documents outside of Canvas

This part is useful for websites outside of Canvas or resources within the DMU Library.

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