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About Turnitin Originality

DMU students have access to Turnitin Originality Plagiarism software. This service is provided to students concerned about accurate citing and original content for papers. Turnitin Originality assists users in determining whether citations or attribution have been appropriately considered when included in a report. Once a document is submitted through Turnitin, the software attempts to match any similar text in the paper which can be considered to determine whether it has been appropriately cited. This can be used by students and faculty. Below is a video distinguishing between plagiarism and text similarity. 

No plagiarism software tool is 100% accurate. Keep this in mind when viewing the report for your submitted document. The Turnitin Originality software is made available for student use before submitting assignments for courses.

These resources are linked to the Writing Resource Center course within Canvas. All students are invited to this shortly after being admitted to a program at DMU. The invitation to the Writing Center will be visible on the Canvas dashboard. Access to this course will not go away as long as a student is enrolled in the university.