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APA's Academic Writer

Introduction to APA's Academic Writer

Academic Writer, a service put forth by the American Psychological Association, is a service that can both be used to manage your references as you write your papers as well as to help you format your paper in APA style. During your time as an enrolled student, you can access Academic Writer to help you with your work.

Please navigate to the additional pages to find out about how to use APA Academic Writer. Links are also included below. 


Features of APA Academic Writer

A video that illustrates some features of academic writer is presented below. 

How to Access Academic Writer

To access Academic Writer, navigate to the Library home page (Links to an external site.). In the "Writing Center" dropdown menu, select the bottom option called "APA Academic Writer." Choosing this will give you a chance to sign in.  Academic Writer must verify you have permission to use the service.

Creating and Managing Your APA Academic Writer Account

To fully access all the services that Academic Writer has to offer, you will need to set up an Academic Writer account. Otherwise, you will not be able to save papers or references.

On the upper right, select the "Welcome" dropdown menu and choose "Log in." If you previously have an account, here is where you can sign in, but otherwise, you will need to click "Create an Account." Then fill in your information, agree to the terms, and submit.

About Academic Writer

Academic Writer has much for you to explore and discover that might be helpful to you. The following tabs are described below.

The Learn Tab has many tutorials, quizzes, and guides that you can watch to learn about APA style and Academic Writer. For your research needs, the 7th edition of the APA manual has the final say and includes what you need to know.

The Reference Tab – This tab is where you can store, organize, and manage the references you would like to include in your papers.

The Write Tab – This tab is where you can go to store, organize, and manage your papers.

Academic Writer Tips

You should begin papers in APA Academic Writer and export them to Word for finishing, rather than start documents in Word and import them into Academic Writer. To get the most out of the service, use APA Academic Writer first to begin your paper.

To Locate a Tutorial in Academic Writer

Remember - APA Academic Writer offers online tutorials on various APA Style constructions with plenty of visual aids and examples to reinforce your learning. With its friendly interface, APA Academic Writer serves students who are new to academic writing and APA style and those who are more advanced in their academic careers but need to deepen their understanding of APA style rules.

To Check Spelling, Grammar, and Writing in Academic Writer

You can use APA Academic Writer's spelling and grammar check by clicking on the button with a checkmark and ABC. Ordinarily, it is already turned on. To check the reading level, flow, transitions, etc., you can click "Check Your Writing" on the left side of the screen, and it will check your writing for these things. Reading level means that your text is readable for people at a particular level. For example, text at an eighth grade level means that people at an eighth-grade reading level can understand what you wrote. Flow refers to how your paper streams when read, and transitions refer to how portions of your paper are linked together.