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COUN 560: Social and Cultural Diversity

This is the libguide for the counseling course, COUN 560 (Social and Cultural Diversity).

Counseling the Culturally DiverseWelcome to COUN 560! Here you will see resources and tools to assist you in your course, as well as pertinent library content. For any questions, please contact your friendly librarians at Or, you can chat with a librarian in one of the chat boxes on the pages. 

We hope that you will find the material useful as you begin the course. As a counseling professional, you will encounter many diverse people, and this material will allow you to become a widely effective counselor and an advocate for diversity.

Please feel free to explore the content in this libguide. For additional resources on particular course topics, library tools and tips, and writing assistance, choose the appropriate tabs on the side.

What is your comfort level working with diverse people?
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